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Company Milestones

Our Management

Quality Assurance

Our product has been certified and inspection every shipment by the world leading inspection , testing and certification organization.

Our core values

At Bangkok Rice, we never compromise on Quality

We believe that Premium Quality product can only originate from Premium Quality Raw Material. Thus, only the best Raw materials from selected parts of Thailand are chosen and purchased to supply customers requirement. Importantly regular quality control is implemented to maintain quality consistency.

Our quality control process includes
– Raw material
– Packing material
– Production process
– Container condition

We emphasizes on technological development to ensure production competitiveness through the whole production process include Cleaning machine, De-Stoning machine, Polishing Machine, Color Sorting machine and Metal detector with International Quality Standards.

Our commitment to sharing the bountiful harvest with the world is evident as

  • 56 years to guarantee the company credits in Rice export business since 1965.
  • Our management plays an active role of Board of Director members of Thai Rice Exporters Association since 1966

Able to serve different demand in each market segment.
“Order can be made with just 1 container”

Our packing sizes range as small as 1 kg in Polyethylene bag to biggest bad as 1000 kg on a jumbo bag and also bulk in Container Liner.

You can customize the package design according to your brand and market preferences.